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Connect yourself to your dance partner. Walk away from each other as far as your fabric will allow. Make eye contact.

Cut 1 foot sections of colored fabric. Tie fabric around Queen Anne’s Lace so it catches the wind. Mark every plant.

Work towards each other until you meet in the middle.

Unhook, untangle, repeat.

Summer 2018, Zena

A collaboration between myself and Cayla Skillin-Brauchle
Variation for Field and Piano

A collaboration between myself and Cayla Skillin-Brauchle. 10 performers try to shift the colors in a field while listening to classical piano music on headphones which is also being played in the same field. Originally performed in Zena Forest, a property owned by Willamette University in Oregon. The colorful strips of fabric are attached to Queen Anne's Lace, a beautiful but a damaging invasive species that runs rampant in abandoned fields. After the piano performance is over, the performer attempts to remove as much of the Queen Anne's Lace as possible.